wondering architect is really wondering

8. april 2008 at 19:29 | Alfred
here is the rest of the article. I am Czech I should be happy. But still, why Czech architects, why in Gabon, why so huge and why it looks like metro station Prosek? Why it doesn't, at least, pretend they look around, they look at traditions, nature, site, people .. why this, why basilica, why next to the highway?

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1 bro | 9. april 2008 at 19:00 | React

The basilika by itself looks pretty good but the whole complex destroy the beauty of it.

But when you look at the pictures of the hospital, you can see that they know what the modern architecture is about.

2 Alfred | 10. april 2008 at 20:22 | React

If you consider "modern architecture" as the one that doesn't concern about Genius Loci any more, than i guess you are right. Yes, world is "globalized" now, so it doesn't matter what you build and where it stands as long as there are the "wow" visualizations.

Come on, modern architecture is not about building out of scale, sticking out of land, not giving shit what continent it is on, what country is it in or what was there before. Especially now, it's time to care about it. World is getting smaller and soon you'll woke up in the morning after few hours in the plane and you will have no idea if what you see out of your window is China, Africa, or Greenland...

3 thoris | 14. april 2008 at 12:00 | React

I just found out the author of the design was born 1980! (see http://procne.ihned.cz/c4-10142450-23755060-007000_d-ceska-stavba-pod-africkym-sluncem)

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