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11. june 2008 at 15:27 | Alfred |  something else
I used to post here a lot of personal stuff,

and thoughts about life of architect. Why not any more? well the life of architect is still the same. Late night work, doing projects, dealing with unorganized greeks, working on beeing alcoholic and difficulties while waking up in the mornig. So still the same old things as previous posts. Again and again. And teh personal stuff. No way! Mood is up and down. Thoughts are flying, not possible to stop them, and they are touching things like what to do with my life... who I am? what i want? And if I post it here, i am sure some of the readers would just come here, no matter how, and shoot me. But when I get to some nice thoughts i will sketch and post. I promise.
But still, I did something interresting. I was watching a video showing a process of 3D modeling. It was amayzing, the way you see something growing and evolving. And I told my self, come on, that doesn't look that difficult i should try too. So I did. 7 hours of moddeling, late night of course, and not talking to Thoris and this is the result....

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1 thugs | Web | 14. june 2008 at 12:20 | React

heh, ty umíš asi hodně dobře anglicky co:)

2 Alfred | 15. june 2008 at 2:46 | React

Well i am just keeping this blog available to ALL the people i know. there is also Czech blog, as you find here in favorites as my "alternative identity ;)

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