December 2008

X-MASS... why its so hard?

30. december 2008 at 23:50 | Alfred
I thought i ll give you some update on what's going on in between the christmas time. It's all about going for lunch with any possible member of a family. Visiting every grand mother and grand father. Even having lunch in girlfriend's family. Most of a time my feelings are down, and the rest it's even worst. BUT there are exceptions! Like a bath with a candles or Barbora Zemanova. (probably most of you have no idea who that is... it's a czech superstar. or it used to be. yehhh.. superstar, have you gone crazy listen to that alfred? Actually not, well I was afraid what it's gonna be, but there was a fresh-sound rock band with not stupid lyrics singing in czech. just perfect) and these little exceptions put me back on my feet again so I even smile and started to do something useful, like put some more work into creating a logo for our office.
Here it is, two choices, what you think??


11. december 2008 at 10:42 | Alfred

I hate that! How can you have a good sleep when your brain is giving you this crap! All night! And this was just a beginning.

By the way, raw fish taste bad and its hard to teleport your car from a top of a tree especially when you are penguin trying to catch a fish that you really hate and the pieces of raw fish meat get stuck in your teeth and somehow there is something attacking you while juggling on a bicycle. Why? I don't know...

Sebrali mi sanky!...

9. december 2008 at 0:19 | Alfred |  something else

It's like the kid, standing on a spot, looking really stubborn, kicking a stone with his toe. They did, they really took his toys away. Nothing to do about it. Nothing to do without them. He's been thrown into a big world. Big sad world. How can he care about the stars, comets when he doesn't have his toys. They took my sled away! They took my creativity. I was sentenced to study law. Read something not to understand but just be able to say it with someone else words. No creativity. No. This thing cannot occupied my mind, not at all, but I cannot use the rest to anything else. I need to go somewhere. I am not talking about the bar around the corner, I mean something else. Watching the stars, going far far away to reach behind my abilities. New horizons. Playing with details to have them right. Create, build, draw, or just meet people. This is not for me. This part of this life so called architecture is not for me. I cannot be architect businessman, I need my small strange world of lines colors and spaces... thats all.

Actually they really stole my sled! I wanted to have one of those plastic one, inflatable, yellow, beautiful. But when I ordered them they were sold out...

p.s. here is picture i got from Thoris, not to freak out from my exam..