January 2009

I have met THE Architect

15. january 2009 at 10:33 | Alfred
I don't think I can make picture to this...

Architects are like endangered species, the better you are more likely you are about to die. Few months ago architect Roubik died. My teacher in school by the way. He died little after his child was born. he wasn't old at all. And a world known architect.

This morning i heard the news Jan Kaplickiy died, heart attack. His daughter was born yesterday. He died on the street in Dejvice.

You know what's strange, I walked by. yesterday evening i walked by a man lying on the street with doctors trying to bring him back to life. I didn't know, but it was him. Now I know.


12. january 2009 at 21:45 | Alfred
It´s all about the kitty / lion ratio

PLACEBO and other poetry

10. january 2009 at 17:32 | Alfred

white silhouette in a dark
brain full of dust
veins full of alcohol
blood boiling...

dancing to the music
stepping on the sand...

morning's here, the dream is over
just memories are left

you know you cannot live your dream
but to live your dream is all you ever wanted

good bye full moon...

hope to see you again, one day

up there, the picture, thats a placebo song here is the text and here is the music